I am Gumby (again)

So a while back, Diana suggested that I try “walking down a wall” with my hands, to work on my backbends. Because I’m so close – but those last few inches might as well be a mile. Tried it once before, a few weeks back, only to find that my spine wasn’t warmed up anymore (it was more than an hour after class, and the studio heat had been turned off – I was cleaning after closing) and I stopped halfway down. The last thing I want is to injure my spine. Figured tonight would be a good time to try – I had a few minutes to wait before I could get into the final studio I needed to clean, there were people in there (just in case I managed to fall on my head or something equally graceful), heat was still on because classes are in the morning tomorrow…

First time, I got to where my hands were just above the baseboard and the final “step” would be to the floor – and freaked out. No clue why. “Walked” partway up, flipped over, couldn’t even get out of it gracefully. Did that another couple of times, which was super frustrating. Took a break to stretch my back the *other* way and contemplated what was wrong – couldn’t come up with anything other than fear. Decided that if I let myself chicken out tonight then I’d never do it and just bloody *did* it. The first time down, that last “step” to the floor was actually physically hard – not sure why. Then I couldn’t figure out how to get out of it – if I’d dropped down the usual way, I would have hit my head on the wall, lol. I honestly don’t recall how I got out of that one, but I tried it a few more times and those times I “walked” back up the wall – that final push-off to standing isn’t easy, lol. But I would LOVE to someday be able to stand up out of a backbend, so I figure I should practice in both directions – at least give my muscles a chance to figure out what I want them to do.

Sure, TINY baby step. But it’s exciting in my world. 🙂


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  1. Food and Movement
    Mar 02, 2012 @ 05:42:43

    Hey you! So I was reading back through some old DP entries and kept running into a bunch of deleted comments from a deleted journal, including several that I had replied to, and I had a moment of, “Is it Shalora?? Did she delete her LJ?? Nooooo..” But then I remembered that you have this blog (and eventually saw that you didn’t delete your LJ) and was relieved. 🙂

    /random comment


    • shalora
      Mar 02, 2012 @ 10:04:20

      No, didn’t delete my LJ – just never use it anymore. 😉 Left DP a while back (for a stack of reasons, but mostly due to work), doubt anybody has even noticed (though I’d like to pretend that inkytwist might wonder why I no longer participate in the FNNLC/SNNLC, since I was a regular poster there), and actually forgot to read my flist for a while, but mostly I’m still good about reading, and I still post in some other communities. Mostly, though, I’m here and on Facebook.


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