I’m a macho, macho man…

So my jazz teacher likes to do lifts with her competition teams. I have been so jealous of this, I love doing partner work and I’ve been *so* wanting to do some in our class. Heck, I’ve got some good muscle under this fat, I can lift just about any girl in that room (and probably both of the boys too, lol). So tonight we added on to our recital dance – it’s almost done! Less than a minute left! Anyway, there’s one section that she had planned to have everyone doing this lift – but then didn’t like the look, so only 3 pairs were to do this one lift (and 2 pairs doing another lift), and me and my partner get to be one of the 3. Which is awesome.

It’s not a type I’ve done before – though it probably wouldn’t matter even if it was, since I haven’t done ANY lifts since high school. And then, not since the musical my sophomore year. None of the boys could lift me, but the choreographer could – and I’d known him since I was a kid, he knew my dance background. So he’d work out lifts and stuff with me before rehearsal sometimes. That was awesome. Anyway, my part is easy – I’m just being a base for my partner as she links arms with me and rolls across my back, legs in a v/fan sort of thing. Only SUPER, SUPER SLOWLY. Which is much harder for her. In my POV, she’s kind of lucky to be with me, because I’m both strong and big – I can totally counterbalance her, pretty much no matter what, so she never has to worry about being dropped – which means she can do whatever she needs to get herself centered and over. We practiced it a bunch tonight, and then in our second-to-last run-through of the night, it just felt AWESOME. Now, bear in mind, I can’t see what she’s doing – I’m crouched and bent forward to give her a surface, she’s actually *on* my back. But she felt totally centered, and her timing was impeccable. It just felt perfect. Our teacher stopped the music just after that, which confused the heck out of all of us (we’ve learned a wee bit more choreography after that), but apparently it was just because she wanted to tell the two of us how perfect it was. That felt SO INCREDIBLE. Of course, then everyone wanted us to do it again, and with the pressure, we totally messed it up. But, whatever. I am selfishly very much enjoying being one of only 3 pairs (in a class of nineteen) that gets to do this, and then doing it so well that Kaitlyn stopped the dance to tell us how pleased the was.


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