Our performing teams had a show tonight to raise money for their trip to Nationals. We have some amazingly talented kids at our studio, for sure, they’re a pleasure to watch. But of course, me being me, it’s never just that simple, right? As much as I love the kids, and as much as I love that they do so well (and yes, I get some studio pride when I get to go to competitions and see them place well), some piece of me just gets reminded of how much technique I’ve lost – and am suspecting, more and more, that I’ll never get back. And the girl I went with… she’s a sweetheart, and we’re friends and all, but she does *not* get it. She just goes on about “oh, well, just exercise more and eat less, it’s so easy!”. And yes, I know she means well, but it’s *not* that easy. That’s what I’ve BEEN DOING. And there is so much more going on than just caloric intake – emotional issues, potentially physiological issues (the whole cortisol leading to belly fat thing, potentially adrenal fatigue syndrome, etc), etc. And it feels *so* minimizing when people start spouting that at me. I know that she meant well, but ugh, it’s so hard to hear. So now I’m all tired and disgruntled – and I have to leave for work in about 10 minutes. Rawr.


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