The hills are alive…

Ugh, this dream I had last night! You know how in The Handmaid’s Tale, they had to flee with no packing, no preparing, no saying goodbye to anyone, to try to make it out? Similar to The Sound of Music? Well, I don’t know why, but for some reason, I had to flee like that. A handful of my friends were going too, and at first it was almost exciting – apparently I didn’t have to worry about having enough money for clothes or anything once we got wherever we were going, and hey, travel and new places! Good times.

Until I realized that Diana wasn’t involved in whatever it was, and didn’t have to flee. And didn’t know what was going on. And I couldn’t say anything to her without risking both of our lives. I couldn’t say goodbye, and I’d never see her again.

At which point I literally woke up in tears.

I’m very glad that it’s Friday and I have ballet with her in a few minutes. I need to go reassure my subconscious that she’s still here, and I’m still here…


Diana is so amazing – and she so gets me. Timing was perfect yesterday. The receptionist apparently couldn’t get through the road construction, so she wasn’t there when we got let in. My entire ballet “class” is just myself and one other woman – and for some reason she always arrives in street clothes and changes in the bathroom at the studio. I don’t quite get that – who’s going to see her dance clothes while she’s in the car? I just put sweats (in winter) or sundresses (in summer) over mine, nobody has to know you have a leotard on underneath… *shrug* Anyway, so she was in the bathroom, and Diana was alone up front when I got there. I just about started crying again when I told her about that stupid dream – and bless her heart, she just took me in her arms and held me and said “I’m still here”… She has so many people who want so much of her, but she is always so responsive when you really need her.


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