the diet dilemma

So everyone has their favorite online website for weight loss – calorie tracking and such. In terms of foods offered, I much prefer LiveStrong to SparkPeople, it has a much more inclusive food database – though it won’t let you adjust portions. I just discovered the manual calorie entry feature, which I like – for now, I couldn’t care less about the breakdown of fat, protein, carbs, etc, just total calories.

Now, I signed up for both websites on the same day. I entered the same height and weight information into each. They each then told me how many calories they think I should consume in order to lose 2 lbs per week (the highest rate either will allow).

SparkPeople says 1200-1500.

LiveStrong says 2314.

And they wonder why people get confused and frustrated when it comes to weight loss???

(ETA – currently at 1073 calories for the day – and I feel like I’ve been PIGGING OUT. Crazy stuff. Hoping that will be all for the rest of the night, we’ll see how things go.)

(ETA X2 – and sure enough, most of dinner is gone. Had a few bites of a client’s leftover naan, and that was enough to freak me out and trigger a purge. So current calorie count unknown, but probably under 1,000 now.)


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